Eva Vernarcová, Boris Mrekaj


The thesis deals with crisis management at airports, solving the emergency situations and exercises, which are focused on verifying of preparedness and qualification of airport, airport personnel and rescue components to handle extraordinary events at airports. Theoretical part defines basic terms from the crisis management field and describes and processes information concerned with legislation and aiport internal documents for solving of emergency situations in general. The thesis is focused on importance and aims of periodical exercises of cooperation of rescue services at airport, analysis of already realized exercises in the past and especially on vetting exercise of rescue services during the pretended aircraft accident in 13th May 2015 at Žilina Hričov airport, from which it processes comprehensive output as a base for assessment and recommendations for getting the activity of aiport personnel and resuce services more effective during the solving of emergency situations and events affecting mass of people.


Airport; excercise; emergency situation; integrated rescue system; cooperation; events affecting mass of people; safety management system; emergency response plan

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