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Manuscript Preparation

General instructions for authors

Acta Avionica journal can be accept only authorised scientific and professional articles that has not been published and is not under review by another journal. Extended versions of papers published in conferences will be considered if they contain information not included in the conference paper. The conference paper must be cited in the extended paper.

Manuscript generally consists of title, authors affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, body, conclusions and references. A paper may also include appendixes and an acknowledgement. Abstract should be limited to 100-200 words and should concisely state the content of the paper. The abstract will appear later in various journal indexes. Authors must use SI units and internationally recognized terminology and symbols. Authors should clearly identify subscripts, superscripts, Greek letters and other symbols. A numbered reference must be provided at the end of the paper in the order of citation in the text not in alphabetical order. Each reference should be enclosed by square brackets as [ ]. All graphics and figure in good quality should be attached directly in the body of paper.

Manuscript should be written only in English language. If English is not your native language you may want to have your manuscript edited by a professional English copy editor prior to submission. Clear and concise language is the responsibility of the authors and will help reviewers concentrate on the scientific content of your paper and thus facilitate the peer review process.

The text of the article must be in A4 format, edited according to the specimen article in template that can be found bellow. We strongly encourage the authors to prepare their papers as “compuscripts” preferably using MS Word text editor. The article shall be at least 5 pages long and shall not exceed 10 pages in the designated format. The font ‘Times New Roman’ of size 11 points should be used. For Greek letters and symbols, the font ’symbol’ should be used. Do not try to modify printed characters.

The quality of articles will be assessed by the editorial board based on two reviewers’ opinions that will remain anonymous to the article’s author/s. The linguistic accuracy of the articles is the full responsibility of the author/s.

Detailed instructions for autors you can see bellow in template for authors.

Templates for authors

Full article templates you can see [here] .

Copyright transfer agreement

Copyright transfer agreement you can see [here].

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