Patrik Kašper, Miroslav Šmelko


The conventional method for measuring the composite materials mechanical stress is in many cases inadequate. Usual methods are limited on surface monitoring or cannot be provided at field conditions. A suitable alternative is to use a contactless measurement method using magnetic microwires. This is a relatively new method that is still the subject of experimental research. An experimental device for non-contact mechanical stress measurement is located in the the Laboratory of Magnetometry at the Department of Aviation Technical Studies at the Faculty of Aeronautics. The disadvantage of this device is its dependence on the power supply powered by the electrical network. The primary goal was to design and build an accumulator-powered power supply that allows the use of the laboratory equipment in the field. The design required to use DC / DC converters to ensure the conversion of the accumulator voltage to a voltage suitable for powering the laboratory equipment with good efficiency. The control of the source activity is realized by a microcontroller. The construction of the source is described in the presented paper.


accumulator; supply source; DC/DC converter; defectoscopy; magnetic microwires

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