Journal History

Acta Avionica is a scientific-reviewed journal that aims to publish original, unpublished scientific and professional works in the field of basic and applied research of aviation experts and researchers. The journal comprehensively covers the aviation issues of all positions in industry, research and academic institutions, as well as through actual information on important practical results and innovations of the aviation industry with the gradual extension of the area of aerospace and space technologies.

Aviation transport, air traffic control and management, and safety in aviation - piloting aircraft, air safety, the safety and security of airports, air traffic control, human factors in aviation, search and rescue, training and education of aviation personnel and related issues.

Aircraft and airport engineering - theory of aircraft operation, construction, maintenance and repair of aircraft and aircraft engines, aircraft ground technical and operational support, airport engineering, diagnostics, aircraft aerodynamics, aircraft design, modelling and simulation, materials science and related issues.

Avionics and sensorics - air navigation systems, tracking systems, communication systems, flight and aircraft control, monitoring, indicators, displays, electronic and electrical systems of aircraft, measurement and measuring equipment, sensors and sensor systems, research, development, constructing, testing and application of unmanned aerial vehicles and related issues.

Cosmonautics - space technology and related issues.

The journal is issued by the Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic, published at least twice a year since 1999. Apart from the main topics given above, the Editorial Board welcomes papers from other areas of aviation. All papers will be blind reviewed. Accepted papers will be available online (free access) and in printed version. No publication fee. The journal structure consists of scientific articles, professional articles, review articles, short notices, advertisements and promotions.