Eva Endrizalová, Radoslav Zozuľák


This article presents a project proposal that was created in response to a competitive call from the Czech research support agency in the area of Increasing the Resilience of Society to Disinformation. We consider the most effective strategy for achieving this goal to be accessible interdisciplinary education – knowledge shared by the so-called Opposite Side Method. The idea uses the acronym INEDCO (INterdisciplinary EDucation COncept). It is an innovative form of education for the general public through the offer of knowledge. This set of knowledge will provide the society with a level of knowledge that eliminates/minimizes the tendency to believe delusions. The basic idea is elaborated in the form of a design structure, the second step is the methodology, and the third stage is the implementation of the project in the field of aviation. This proposal has a high potential to create a top team of researchers and produce applicable results in the long run. The essence of the project is interdisciplinarity and the collaboration of several universities at national as well as international level is essential to achieve the objectives. The concept of a shared and freely accessible INEDCO education to be the targeted opposite to the disinformation scene originated at the Department of Air Transport. Aviation is one of the fields that is a medium of hoaxes. As an institution with technical, technological, and methodological education in a very complex and difficult sector, we see the need to contribute to improving the level of knowledge and pacifying society through education.


research; disinformation; resilience; interdisciplinarity; project; concept; INEDCO

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